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“My life changed so quickly and dramatically when I started learning these skills that I wanted everyone to know about them.”  – Single mother of four

“After only 6 sessions, my chronic headaches are virtually gone, and the pain in my neck and shoulder has improved by 70%!”  – Business executive

“In terms of prevention and crisis help, it has been the single most significant factor in my life.”  – Minister, Women’s Issues

“I don’t clench my teeth anymore!”  – Telephone Operator

“I’m a busy physician with a busy practice. My training with Scientific Relaxation & Biofeedback helps me get through my hectic days!”  – Surgeon

“I slept my 1st full night in 20 years!”  – 92 year old

“I don’t feel rushed inside any more.  I feel calm, and yet I get even more accomplished than before!”  – Secretary

“Why haven’t I known about this before?!”   – Professor

“I started this therapy for two reasons: 1. Get off blood pressure medicine 2. Sleep through the night. I am thrilled with the progress I have made on both fronts!”  – Retired Executive

“I had been stressed for so long that I no longer recognized when I was stressed. Trapped in a life limited by cardiovascular disease, Marylou gave me back my life when she taught me Scientific Relaxation.  Within 2 weeks I went from 10 minutes and 3 mph on the treadmill to 30 minutes and 3+ miles without struggling to breathe!”  – 68 year old Retired Male

 “I would highly recommend Marylou Gantner to anyone suffering from stress and anxiety.  I’ve had this problem for so many years and I can honestly say that after only a few sessions I no longer get that gnawing anxiety feeling in my stomach. I am much more relaxed and calm in general!”  – Engineer

 ”I have suffered from anxiety and stress for much of my adult life. Marylou taught me the importance of breathing correctly. I knew that I was a shallow breather and after practicing some deep, belly breathing with her I immediately felt the difference! I continued to practice this every day and the calming effects during my day to day activities are enormous. Recently I was hired for a new job and I know it was thanks to Marylou that I was able to stay calm and confident during the interview.”   – High Level Business Executive

“I am very close to mastering the art of remaining calm in high pressure situations. I have learned not to cry when overwhelmed.  These were two major problems in my professional life.”   – Health Care Provider

“Marylou, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the inspiration and the tools to keep my life in balance. You have been a major force in my recovery from depression and anxiety.  I have learned the importance of simply breathing.  I have learned how to incorporate progressive & differential relaxation into my daily life. I will continue my daily practice for the rest of my life!”  – Businessman

“In addition to feeling more calm, I have noticed my memory is so much better” – Grandmother of 8

“If you are relaxed you can’t be anxious and tense. Relaxation is a technical skill, anyone can learn.”  ​– Joseph Wolpe, MD

“Since I learned how to breathe correctly, I feel I can take care of myself in any situation." – College Student

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